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(i) Setting up of accounting system to suit individual businesses.

(ii) Undertaking the maintenance of accounting records; writing – up of the books; preparation of interim statements on monthly, quarterly, half yearly and as and when required, and preparation of payroll

(iii) All accounting supporting services such as reconciliation, inventory management etc

(iv) Dealing with State Internal Revenue Departments in respect of Directors‟ and staff payroll taxes; dealing with the staff ITF matters.

(v) Dealing with VAT registration and compliance matters, etc.

(vi) Carrying out regular or ad-hoc review of accounting system and/or records to ensure their satisfactory performance.

(vii) Installing and review of the Internal Control System.


Our firm is committed to providing quality professional services, with development of Accountancy profession throughout Nigeria and the world in general and to the achievement of excellence in every area of the profession.

Historical Background

OFC Practice was founded by distinct professionals that have vast knowledge and experience in Auditing and good understanding of the Nigerian tax laws and those of some other countries in West Africa. In other words, it is an expert in Auditing, tax consultancy and financial consulting.

Through the help of God, hard work, perseverance and commitment with pursuit to achieve greatness, OFC practice has been able to grow steadily over the years.